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The Reithoffer Carnival got its start in Duryea in 1896 when Julius Reithoffer purchased his first steam-driven merry-go-round.
Julius Reithoffer, a German immigrant, lived at 401 Main St. (The site of Swantkowski’s Drug Store) where he also operated a confectionary store with his wife and 4 children. The carnival is now one of the biggest in the country.


PA Duryea 1915 Reithoffer Original Merry Go Round
PA Duryea 1917 Reithoffer Edward Draft Registration
PA Duryea 1917 Reithoffer Patrick Edward Draft Registration
PA Duryea 1918 Reithoffer Julius Fred Draft Registration
PA Duryea 1919 Reithoffer Carnival Trucks
PA Duryea 1920s Reithoffer Carnival Letterhead
PA Duryea 1920s Reithoffer Carnival Midway
PA Duryea 1920s Reithoffer Carnival Trailer
PA Duryea 1920s Reithoffer Shows Workers
PA Duryea 1930s Reithoffer Carnival Midway
PA Duryea 1930s Reithoffer Julius Founder of Carnival
PA Duryea 1930s Reithoffer Julius with Daschund
PA Duryea 1942 Reithoffer Julius Fred Draft Card
PA Duryea 1942 Reithoffer Patrick Edward Draft Card
PA Duryea 1945 Reithoffer Julius F Julius M and Donald

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