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Welcome to the Duryea, Pennsylvania
Homepage of the Jewish Cemetery

Within these pages you find links to digital photos of some of the tombstones in the Jewish Cemetery. These photos were taken in 2010 and are only a portion of the tombstones there.

PLEASE NOTE: Although we have tried to make this partial listing accurate, it is very possible that we may have misread a tombstone or hit the wrong key or keys when typing up this information. If you see any mistakes regarding name spellings or dates, please let me know so I can correct them. In many cases, there are more names on a given tombstone than are shown in the link. However, we only listed one because of limitations in the link size. So be sure to view the tombstone photo itself if you have an interest in a certain name.

If you have more information about any of the people listed on these tombstones or any photos of the people listed on these tombstones, please contact me and we can arrange to have them added to the website. We are always interested in adding additional items to the website of anything relating to Duryea and the people who lived there prior to 1965. If you have old documents, newspaper articles, maps, photos or anything else you think might be of interest, please feel free to contact us. This will help others who may be researching their ancestors.

PA Duryea 1914 Weiss Jacob Tombstone
PA Duryea 1919 Baltimore David Tombstone
PA Duryea 1929 Baltimore Arthur Tombstone
PA Duryea 1930 Fischman Rosa Tombstone
PA Duryea 1932 Baltimore Harry Tombstone
PA Duryea 1932 Baltimore Samuel Tombstone
PA Duryea 1933 Klein Esther Tombstone
PA Duryea 1934 Fischman Barnet Tombstone
PA Duryea 1934 Svardloff Mae Tombstone
PA Duryea 1938 Gordon Yetta Levene Tombstone
PA Duryea 1940 Klein Jonas Tombstone
PA Duryea 1940 Selk Rose Gordon Tombstone
PA Duryea 1943 Baltimore Louis Tombstone
PA Duryea 1944 Prinsky Jacob Tombstone
PA Duryea 1945 Baltimore Tillie Tombstone
PA Duryea 1945 Svardloff Anna Tombstone
PA Duryea 1948 Levy Alfred Tombstone
PA Duryea 1951 Baltimore Julius Tombstone
PA Duryea 1953 Baltimore Mary Tombstone
PA Duryea 1954 Gordon Eli Tombstone
PA Duryea 1954 Neuman David Tombstone
PA Duryea 1955 Starr Mayer Tombstone
PA Duryea 1956 Dumoff Mary Tombstone
PA Duryea 1958 Kurlansky Zelda Tombstone
PA Duryea 1961 Starr Minnie Tombstone
PA Duryea 1962 Levy Harvey Tombstone
PA Duryea 1963 Kurlancheek Jacob Tombstone
PA Duryea 1965 Starr Leo Tombstone

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