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1927 Shukwit Park Polish Falcon's Girl's Club Convention

PA Duryea 1927 Polish Falcon's Girl's Club Convention at Shukwit Park

The Polish Falcons Girl's Club had a convention at Shukwit Park and Pavilion (also known as Marcy Park) in 1927. Shukwit Park was located by the Lackawanna River behind the homes that were in the 800 block of Main Street of Duryea, PA above the old Town Hall. The park and pavilion were the venues for numerous dances, picnics, parties, social gatherings, and carnivals up to the 1940s. A set of very steep stairs led from Main Street to the park area which was also accessible from the area along the river. In the background is the dike which was located on the Kehoe Berge side of the river. This link includes individual pictures and the names of the the girls and advisors who were in attendance at that event. The people in the picture were identified by Helen Orlowski Majewski who is in the first row on the left.

1927 Polish Falcon's Girl's Club Convention at Shukwit Park

PA Duryea 1920s Shukwit Park And Pavilion
PA Duryea 1927 Baclawski S
PA Duryea 1927 Bodzon C
PA Duryea 1927 Danoski R
PA Duryea 1927 Falcons Girls Club Shukwit Park w Names
PA Duryea 1927 General from Chicago
PA Duryea 1927 Gieslak E
PA Duryea 1927 Grudzinski A
PA Duryea 1927 Grudzinski E
PA Duryea 1927 Grudzinski
PA Duryea 1927 Grzybicki A
PA Duryea 1927 Kress M
PA Duryea 1927 Krzynek
PA Duryea 1927 Lech J
PA Duryea 1927 Nitkowski R
PA Duryea 1927 Olczak R
PA Duryea 1927 Orlowski Helen
PA Duryea 1927 Pawloski A
PA Duryea 1927 Piorkowski S
PA Duryea 1927 Polen L
PA Duryea 1927 Rybek A
PA Duryea 1927 Saplinski J
PA Duryea 1927 Smegal
PA Duryea 1927 Stryeski Top And Bogus
PA Duryea 1927 Stryeski
PA Duryea 1927 Unidentified 1
PA Duryea 1927 Unidentified 2
PA Duryea 1927 Unidentified 3
PA Duryea 1927 Unidentified 4
PA Duryea 1927 Unidentified 5
PA Duryea 1927 Unidentified 6
PA Duryea 1927 Wydwiski M
PA Duryea 1927 Wywidski M
PA Duryea 1927 Winenta

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